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So, we've been in business coming up to 4 years now. We're lucky enough to have some fantastic relationships. As a result of that, the time has come where we need a delivery consultant to help us continue to deliver to our clients. 

We specialise in recruiting for the coolest companies in the Netherlands. We focus in IT, specifically within the digital marketplace. We've built up a great name, we have more roles to work than we know what to do with, and that's where you come in. 

This will be a 180 Candidate specific role, where you will support our fantastic recruitment consultants, helping to drive those looking for work to our brand. 

So it's probably pretty clear what we're looking for, but just to put a little meat on the bones, your role will entail:

  • Building a network of great developers.
  • Working on Projects in order to find suitable candidates for our positions. 
  • Driving candidate engagement to the brand via Social Media, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. 
  • Advert writing to attract new candidates and drive the brand forward. 

So, why would you want to come and work for us...? Blowing our own trumpet isn't really our thing, but we pride ourselves on being great to work for. Just a few things you can expect as standard: 

  • Amazing Earning Potential.
  • Incentives both personally and company wide. Perks you just dont get anywhere else. 
  • Travel to visit some of the coolest companies in Europe.
  • Informal working environment and flexible way of working.
  • A career path where you are able to genuinely grow and progress your career. 
  • Learn from a fantastic team to achieve your potential.  

So, who should you be? 

Ideally, although not essentially, you have recruitment experience in a candidate driven market. Maybe you love the delivery side, but the business development side isn't as enjoyable. You have a genuine desire to progress and earn money, you may even want to become a 360 recruiter in future, or you may just be happy to deliver. 

You should have a way with words... Creative and quirky approaches should come as second nature and you can demonstrate that verbally and on paper. You should be able to engage people quickly with your infectious personality, and not be scared to contact people in a variety of different ways... Telephone, email and even WhatsApp from time to time. 

You do whatever it takes to get the job done, and you're motivated to go the extra mile. Working to a target is something you enjoy, and your passionate about delivering. 

This is a full time position, however part time can also be considered. Just let me know your preference.

Sound like something you're interested in? Good! Come and have a chat, find out a little more. Please contact Chris Stringer and send me your CV, we'll do the rest over a coffee. 

Look forward to hearing from you. 

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