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So, here's where we are. We're a not very old Recruitment Company based in the Jewellery Quarter. We're doing pretty well, but, we're finding that there is some admin / content writing / systems updating and data entry that we're not getting time to do...

This is where we need you... This is a bit of a hybrid role. You'll mix a bit of administration, with some content writing to push to our (soon to be new) website. You'll be responsible for updating our systems with relevant information about our candidates and clients, and also researching the markets we work in for new places where we can provide our services.

You can probably tell, we haven't got a structure totally nailed down as much as we'd like, so you'll be responsible for kicking us into shape regarding that too.

So, you can call this role whatever you'd like, but here's what we're looking for initially.

  • Eye for detail: We're big on quality, so we need to make sure that our systems demonstrate that too.
  • Quirky writing style: We're proud of our brand. We add value to our clients by drawing attention to their business, so our output needs to reflect that!
  • Opportunistic mentality: We need someone that's able to research and approach people about offering our services. So we need you to be able to pick up what we do and how we do it very quickly, and help us develop approaches to be eye catching to our new candidates and clients.

This is a new role within the business. Initially it will be for 3-6 months, and we're open to full or part time. If you like us, and we like you, there's potential for this to turn into a MUCH bigger role in the business.

We're open to background, experience level, but what does remain consistent, is that we need people who fit in with our DNA, but also people who are prepared to work as part of a team to reach our team goals.

We'll make sure you're looked after, with a good salary, flexible benefits, and the tools and resources you need to be able to develop your skills. This could go into a marketing role, a business development role, a sales role, or an administration role... Wherever you want to take it really. We'll make sure we build it around you.

Get in touch, let's have a coffee, and let us tell you a little more about it.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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