Frontend Developer

Amsterdam Competitive Permanent

React, Vue, Angular. All things JS!

Consultancy isn't this most popular option in the Amsterdam market at the moment. The trend seems to be top frontend developers are choosing between offers from trendy startups or massive corporation. 

But why choose? At this consultancy (the best frontend-only in the Netherlands) you can work with the big guys as well as the up-and-coming tech ventures. 

They allow you to pick both the company and the length of project. For example, right now they are working on a short AI chatbot project with the one of the worlds biggest telecoms companies. But they are also working on a big project rewriting an entire digital store for an ecommerce site. There is so much diversity in this position.

They use all things Javascript: React, React Native, Vue, Angular - even Node 

In return, they can offer an amazing selection of benefits:

  • VERY generous salary, the best in the market 
  • Flexibility, choose a company that's close to your home! 
  • Training and course budget 
  • Pub quizzes and conferences

Apply and I'll tell you more.

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