Google Cloud Platform Architect

Amsterdam Competitive Permanent

The battle to be the #1 public cloud is heating up and the demand for hands on experience is higher than ever!

If you have the skills to work with the most cutting edge technology then you deserve to work on the best projects and with the most highly skilled people in the Netherlands.

So here’s what I have:

From AI and Machine Learning to Big Data and Data Science there is plenty to keep you busy.

Your role will be to work with the best enterprises in the world to help them fully leverage the public cloud.

By building cloud native applications, architecting infrastructure, consulting transformations and planning cloud strategy you will have expose to the best work on the market.

  • Python/scripting
  • Ruby
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • CI/CD
  • Container Technology; Kubernetes, Docker
  • Configuration; Chef, Puppet, Ansible

If you are interested in hearing more click apply or call on 0207230910 for more information.

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