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A photograph of Cameron Brown

Cameron Brown

Search Consultant

+31 (0)20 723 0910

Cameron joined us in April 2018 to assist in our ongoing search for Front End Developers. He’s ridiculously intelligent, and has a degree in psychology, so the natural progression was to use his powers for evil and work in recruitment. Here, he works alongside Sam Holloway, supporting some of our highest profile clients. He has a real knack for solving complex problems and providing innovative recruitment solutions, and has a proven track record in handling and growing large accounts.

Outside of work Cameron is, for some reason, obsessed with all things American, and his desk is typically the home of special order American Confectionary. He can be found up at 3am every Sunday, watching his beloved Cleveland Brown’s NFL team, who haven’t won a game in his lifetime. He also has surprisingly vast general knowledge. If you need a phone a friend, Cameron is your man.

What does Cameron Recruit for?

  • Front End
  • Senior Software Engineers
  • Digital Producers
  • All things JavaScript and Design Focussed