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We get it, we know there are a million different recruitment companies out there, they all offer so many things, it’s difficult to tell the one that is going to be home for you. So, instead of talking about ‘uncapped commission’ and ‘flexible working’ (we do both by the way) how about we give you some good, usable information to help you see what makes us stand out from the crowd?

We’re an independently owned, unconventional, but very cool recruitment company. We work some of the best markets known to man, both in the Netherlands and Germany.

Unlike most, we’re not just driven by money. Our vision is to be the best at what we do, and that also means being the best place to work. We only hire the best, and only hire people that fit our DNA. Our management structure is flat. You wont report to the board, but you’ll work amongst a phenomenal team who are all driving towards achieving a shared vision.

We want to create an environment where it never feels like Monday Morning. We’re supportive, we’re approachable, and we’re adaptable. We want to provide the best environment that works for you. You’re more than just a number and a target here, you’re the future of this business, and we align our goals with yours, to ensure that we all succeed together. It’s that simple.


Build a career you love

  • Work life balance - There's no need to work 14-hour days if you're doing it right!
  • Flexibility - Give us your best, we'll accommodate what you need.
  • Support - There is no 'sink or swim', 'hire and fire' approach here.

Endless Opportunities

Innovative clients make for an innovative environment.

  • State of the art systems - We invest in tech to help you achieve more.
  • Amazing markets - We have a footprint where other companies just don't.

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