Dedicated onsite consultant

57 hires in
18 months

Reduced time to
hire to 2 weeks

If you're looking to take your scale-up full throttle, you're in the right place.

When Amsterdam-based IoT geniuses, Hiber, wanted to rapidly grow its tech department, TRC stepped up to the challenge and landed them 57 brilliant hires in 18 months.

Have we got your attention? Keep reading to find out how we got it done.

  • Streamlined Hiber's recruitment process
  • Flexibility to scale the team as demand increased
  • Provided expertise to meet ambitious targets

1/ The Brief

Hiber secured significant investment and decided to grow their tech team with hard to find hardware and software engineers to develop their IoT satellite product range. To do that, they needed to scale up their recruitment capability in a big way. So, they had a choice to make: hire an internal recruiter or outsource to the most incredible supplier in the world (that's us by the way).

2/ The Work

With a big task ahead of us, we crafted a brand new recruitment process to ensure that both internal and external candidates had a consistent and enjoyable journey. We brought one of our team on-site with Hiber full-time and embedded them within the team to work across multiple sectors in the business: from hardware to software and field engineering.

They had very niche, very technical, very ambitious targets. We've never been ones to walk away from a challenge though. Following on from the success the first 6 hires, Hiber retained us for a further 50 hires (and counting).

3/ The Results

We've filled every single role Hiber has needed so far, enabling them to get their products to market. Plus, we reduced their time to hire with our white glove service - all while being more cost effective than a traditional agency model. In short:

  • Balanced hiring fast with hiring top talent
  • Hiring top-tier talent for niche roles
  • Scaled the engineering team by 300% over 18 months