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A photograph of Claudia Dragne

Claudia Dragne

Senior Search Consultant

+31 (0)20 723 0910

Claudia is our Resident Romanian, who joined the business in late 2017 to help improve our candidate experience. Since joining, she’s been instrumental in filling some of the hardest job descriptions we’ve ever encountered with her ferocious work ethic and drive to deliver.

Outside of work, she loves to travel and explore new places, but spends a lot of time back in her motherland of Romania. She can speak 5 languages fluently, and has a Masters in Marketing. She’s also absolutely fantastic at winding up her colleagues by asking millions of questions at exactly the wrong time…

What does Claudia recruit for?

Claudia is a specialist in our hardest to fill roles, and most of her time is spent recruiting for Back End Software Engineers in Amsterdam. However, she has recruited for a wide range of roles in her career here with great success. She will find you, and she will place you.