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Something genuinely different.

An internal start-up, the complete bubble within a multi-billion-euro company. They’re really disrupting from the inside out. They began as a start-up just over 10 years ago, grew rapidly scaled up and became huge themselves. Now they want to re-invent the wheel, and have the backing of a multibillion euro, Europe-wide business and no limitations on what we can imagine or create. 

Well-funded and embarking on a green field reinvention of the complete platform around the next generation of Machine learning, Artificial intelligence and data science-powered technologies driving exquisitely beautiful web and mobile interfaces. 

Both satisfying and rewarding, the dismemberment of the existing PHP web system, to be replaced with a React website. They’re taking the opportunity to completely redesign the website to bring the best possible experience out for its users. It’s so EXCITING! 

They’re still in the final phase of direction in terms of the tool stack, though its highly likely they’ll go with Next.js framework for SSR and React context API over Redux. The backend team are busy with building a high-volume scalable JVM using Kotlin Microservices. 

The transformation has started: and that’s why they’re looking for architect developers with good taste and strong opinions. and that’s they’re looking for architect developers with good taste and strong opinions. 

  • Select the frontend tool-stack that will power us for the next five years 
  • Lay down best practices that embed UX/UI experimentation 
  • Start to think about how we will build and architect a mobile dev team using React Native! 
  • Dismantle, deconstruct and dissect the PHP system, yet with the surgical precision needed to preserve its business logic intact and functioning. They will, later, progressively replace it with microservices in Kotlin 

They’re looking for the real deal and there’s a real sweet spot to be had here if you want a challenge! When it comes down to the tough architectural questions, there may not always be a perfect for solution, for them it’s about trial and error. 

Join a team, that will always innovate, constantly develop and set best practises with the best tools on the market. 

A really attractive proposition, let me know if you want me to share some more details!

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