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So, here’s the thing. There are a million recruitment companies out there. They all offer similar things don’t they? All the clichés. 45k OTE… Work hard play hard… Red hot desk… Uncapped commission… Unrivalled career progression. You’ve heard them all. So have we.

We’re gonna be really REALLY honest with you.

Recruitment is TOUGH. Like really tough. Imagine Mike Tyson with Carol Vorderman’s brain mixed with the Joker from Batman. That tough. And, if you’re considering going into it, it’s 50/50 whether you’ll like it or not. Fact.

Here’s some things you won’t like about it:

  • Long hours – your job is speaking to people at times that work for them, so they have to work for you too. 
  • People will not like you. - You can be the nicest person in the world, honestly, some of us are, but people will still tell you they don’t like you before you open your mouth. It’s lovely.
  • Your first 3 months you will not have a clue who you are, where you’re from, or what possible turn of events led you to be a Recruitment Consultant. Or what you did to deserve it.
  • Think you’re good at sales? Forget it. To learn, you have to first ‘unlearn’ everything you ever knew. You’ve got to learn to be a sponge, and like it.


We LOVE it. And there are plenty of reasons why. If you’ve read this far, and you’re undeterred, you should probably know the positives too…

  • This job can be a career, and a VERY lucrative one. 
  • You will learn to love your market, your clients, and your candidates.
  • You will meet and make lifelong friends, and build very long term relationships. 
  • You will have the genuine capacity to make financial decisions that many people can only dream of. 
  • Your job makes a difference to people… And it does.
  • Your desire to be the best can easily be turned into a reality. You decide where you want to go. You’re the ceiling. 

The highs far outweigh the lows.

Now you’ve read all that, you’ll notice we haven’t told you a damn thing about the job we’re advertising. So here’s what you need to know.

We recruit for IT people in Europe. It’s a great market, and a lot different to recruiting for warehouse operatives in Lower Gornal. We are a small, but growing team. We have some of the best people, both professionally and personally, in the game today.

We’re hungry, we want to be the best of the best, and we’re really not far off that, we just need to add the right kind of people to our ranks and expand.

You’ll join as a Recruitment Consultant. It will be tough. But, you’ll be working alongside a very supportive and successful team to quickly grow and develop your own relationships. You’ll earn commission on candidates you place. (Really really good commission).

You’ll get a career development plan and promotion target from Day 1. Within 6 months, you’ll be up and running, and then it’s up to you as far as you want to take this. You can be our next director, or you can make enough money to go travelling for 5 years, that’s up to you. We’ll help you make it happen.

We do all the nice stuff too of course… Team building, staff holidays, Playstation in the office, duvet days etc etc etc, but you can learn all the good bits over a coffee with us.

So what are we looking for? 

Firstly, this advert gets your senses going, it doesn’t switch you off. 

  • Like talking to people? Great. NEED to talk to people. Better. 
  • We need people who are not easily disheartened. “Liking a challenge” would be the cliché. Committed to the end goal would be the reality. 
  • Sales is a buzzword, and that’s great, but we want people who can provide innovative solutions to complex problems, and explain the logic behind it. 
  • Intelligence AND Communication. You don’t need to be a degree holder, but we do value people who are brilliant face to face, over the phone, over email, over WhatsApp, over Skype.

We’re an unconventional option. We’re not arrogant. We work together. We succeed and fail together. And we’re building something special. 

Will it be tough? YEP!!!

Will it be worth it? Absolutely…

Over to you...

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