Software Engineer, Backend -satellite IoT system

Amsterdam Competitive Permanent

This one is a real challenge, you'll want to keep reading. The challenge " Building the brains of the IoT system:

They need your help and the ultimate goal is to build a communication system that changes the world. They deliver connectivity to sensor systems (IoT) with a global satellite footprint. It's low power and low cost so we enable use cases that would not be possible otherwise, because of connectivity issues.  

This enables global climate monitoring, precision farming, marine life protection and many other ways to improve life on earth. 

We control the whole supply chain of software in the system, from the firmware of the modems on the ground to the satellite onboard computers and the backend where all the data is processed. This means we have a broad spectrum of environments. They run on bare metal, FreeRTOS or Linux and implement in C, C++, Golang, Kotlin/Java, Python, and Javascript.

You will be focusing on the data once it's on the ground; data processing, customer APIs and the frontend, and tools to help us manage the infrastructure and network. This may include simulating satellite paths over devices on the planet, optimizing database queries or streaming processes handling large amounts of data, or building API features for customers. 

Tool Box: 

  • A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or equivalent. 
  • At least 3 years of experience as a software engineer. 
  • Experience with statically typed programming languages. 
  • Applicable knowledge of data structures and their limitations. 
  • Understand what big-O notation is and be able to reason about it. 
  • A good understanding of software architecture and testable code. 

Bonus points for 

  • A Master's degree in Computer Science, or related field. 
  • Experience with Kotlin, or other JVM-based languages.
  • DevOps experience 
  • Experience with container-based deployment systems. 

What we have for you 

  • A state of the art, satellite IoT telecommunication system. 

  • Many backend applications to work on: customer data APIs, satellite pass scheduling system, our mission, and network control center and many more. 

  • A team of truly experienced professionals with many disciplines and even more big brains to work with. 

  • An open engineering culture where you both build and design the technology. 

  • Flexible hours, work-from-home options and we also don't micromanage your vacation days, 

  • Being part of a groundbreaking innovation with 21st-century tech pioneers. 

To be within a chance of landing this gig, drop me a line and we'll arrange a time to talk! 

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