Remembering Ben

So last week we received the news that our colleague Ben has passed away. We’re a very close team, so this has hit us very hard, and we can't even begin to imagine how difficult this must be for his lovely family. I wanted to write a few words about him. Someone as special as he is, deserves recognition. 

If you knew Ben, you loved Ben. It’s really as simple as that. 

His friends love him, his family love him, his colleagues love him, his clients love him. 

He was just 23, and whilst he probably looked younger (the baby faced assassin), he came across as much older, and that was down to the incredible personality he had. 

Ben had a way of making people smile. In our industry, there are so many ups and downs, but on your worst day, he could have you laughing until your stomach hurt, completely effortlessly. His personality was his gift. He was a natural entertainer, who could put people at ease within seconds, just by being him. It’s a quality that can’t be taught, isn’t seen often, but that Ben had in abundance. 

In his work, he was a natural. I’m not just saying that either. In our management meetings, our internal recruitment strategy always used to come down to; “if only we could find 10 more Ben’s”. That’s the highest compliment I can pay him really. The reality is there is never going to be another Ben Briggs.

His intelligence, his wit, his ridiculously high level of charm was something that was immediately loved by all, and was far beyond his years. He was a hard worker, (most of the time ?), had some amazing ambitions and goals, and made sure those around him were coming on the ride with him too. 

The thing that’s struck us all over this horrible time, is how happy Ben was. He lived a short life, but a great life. I never saw the guy in a bad mood, and he lived on his terms. Prioritising fun and happiness over pressure and drama. I think we can all learn from that. 

Benny, it’s going to take us a while to get over this. Know that you are missed, know that you are loved, and know that you will never be forgotten. 

Our thoughts are with his family, who have been incredible during the most horrendous experience I can imagine. 

I guess when a light shines that brightly, it can’t shine for that long.

Rest easy Ben, we’ll miss you so much.

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28th July

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